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Remedies for a snoring Spouse – The Nose Vents

I was born in a family of Snorers, my mum and I are the only silent sleepers (most of the time 🙂 ). We lived in a house that had no ceiling so I could pretty much hear everyone’s rhythmic sound. All the different rhythms mixed together produced inharmonious sound (like a chainsaw running low on gas) that made it hard for me to sleep, maybe that explains why I naturally have dark circles under my eyes. To help me sleep, I would count from ten to one or combine their snores and make a tune that would loop in my head, worked like a charm!

And the story continued when I got married to the most handsome Snorer in the whole world. I guess that brings me to today’s topic, the remedies for a snoring Spouse. Let’s first look at what causes snoring.

I found so many articles talking about snoring, clearly it’s a worldwide issue. Snoring happens when air is partially restricted from moving through your nose and throat. This makes the throat vibrate due to the narrow airway. Scientists call it the soft palate vibration. Snoring is affected by age, stage of sleep, use of certain medications, sleeping positions and alcohol, yes, I said alcohol. It can happen to anyone, but research indicates that it mostly happens to men and overweight individuals.

Snoring can negatively affect one’s marriage if not dealt with early. A good amount of sleep is important to one’s well-being. Lack of it can lead to adverse effects such as depression, anxiety, impaired decision-making and other effects that I’m not qualified enough to talk about.

Most couples avoid talking about snoring. They see it as a small issue when it can in fact be one of the reason why their marriage bond has weakened. Some prefer to sleep in separate beds in the hope that it would solve everything when instead makes everything worse.

Now, there are situations where couples have wholeheartedly tried every remedy out there but nothing has been successful. In that case, it’s best to see a sleep Doctor, preferably a Naturopathic Doctor for advice. If you are in that situation, I pray that you find something that works for you. Do not despair or give up, there is a remedy for you out there.

There are different remedies for a snoring Spouse. My husband and I did research on some of them and this is what we compiled.

Natural Snoring Remedies

  • Change in Sleeping Position

We tried this since my husband mainly snores when he sleeps on his back. It worked but other nights he would still snore while sleeping on his side. Mainly when he’s tired or didn’t have enough sleep the previous night. This might work but only for a limited amount of time.

  • Have a sleep Schedule
  • If overweight, lose some Pounds/Kg’s
  • Try drinking enough water

While all the above mentioned remedies are somewhat effective, they don’t offer a lasting solution to snoring, which led us to this:

  • Open Nasal Passages

There were a few products on Amazon but it was a little hard for us to know which one would work best. We came across the Original nose vents that had great reviews and is meant to ease breathing and snoring.

  • It’s virtually invisible to outsiders, meaning that it doesn’t hide your beautiful/handsome face from your spouse.
  • It’s made of soft and enhanced medical grade silicon, making it really comfortable.
  • It maximizes nasal airflow
  • And it comes with a free travel case for when we travel to Africa! I’m glad his snoring won’t be competing with the Lion’s roar over there!
  • It also comes in different sizes so we have options to pick what fits perfectly.
  • Their’s a money back guarantee just in case, it’s good to be safe!
  • And most importantly, Amazon is the cheapest place to buy it at, nothing beats that!

Whooop! I’m excited about this, and praying this will be the solution to some good night sleep! If you feel like this remedy could work for you, feel free to try check it out on Amazon!

Have a peaceful night 🙂 And kindly feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to you 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Remedies for a snoring Spouse – The Nose Vents”

  1. This post definitely touches home. However in our home, I am the one doing the snoring. Sometimes I snore so loud that it even wakes me up. These nose vents seem very inventive and since they are very economical I can’t think of an excuse not to try them. Thank you so much for the insight.

  2. Haha, you’re welcome! They are indeed economical for such a great job! I’m so glad they’ll help you stop waking yourself up 🙂 Thank you Hammer11B

  3. Thank you for sharing this Article- This was very informative to me . I am not a snorer my self but this article took me back when I lived with my dad. He is a loud snorer and I will definitely inform him on what I have learned here ;]

  4. I am so glad I came to your website. I enjoyed reading your article. My husband snores too. I usually use ear plus, but they come off at night, which is annoy. I will look into the nose vents. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  5. You’re welcome Hong, I’m so glad they’ll be helpful for you guys! Feel free to come back and check out more product reviews soon! Thank you

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