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How to Protect your family from internet dangers – Covenant Eyes

It’s Saturday morning and Mary’s friends are having their weekly book study at her house. This season they’re reading Power Over Pornography by Brian Brandenburg. The study is going well until Michele starts crying. The women are concerned about this and ask her why she’s crying.

” I think my son Michael is engaging in sexual stuff at night”, Michele Says.

“What do you mean by Sexual stuff, like pornography or chatting with a girl?”, Lindsey asks.

“Porn, I think my son is watching porn and I don’t know what to do”, She says.

“You should look into getting Covenant Eyes involved”, Mary suggests.

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. You want to protect them from all the junk in the world. There’s so much going on in the world right now and so much to worry about as a parent.

Mary uses Covenant eyes to filter online sites and makes sure her children don’t come across any content meant for mature audience. With Covenant eyes, she has one less thing to worry about.

It also creates internet accountability for your spouse or for that one friend who struggles with pornography addiction.

Covenant eyes shows you how to protect your family from internet dangers and supports the power to overcome pornography’s deep deception.

How does it work?

Equip conversations

Covenant eyes sends accountability reports to accountability partners/parents that leads to meaningful conversations. This helps the user get freedom at the end. Reports are used to better understand any red flag sites or areas where the user needs help with.

Protect all your devices

They protect a wide range of devices from Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Kindle fire that your family owns.

Filter content

This is an optional filter which parents can use to block or allow certain sites. They use an age based filter outlined below to better protect their Children.

Within Covenant eyes, you get to have a community where you can connect with other people passionate about the same things as you are. You get instant help through the community by getting answers to questions or concerns you may be having. You also get to share ideas and give feedback to the rest of the community members.

How do they rate and understand the Internet?

Covenant eyes rates according to the six age based rating below:

When you set up an account, you as the account administrator/filter guardian can choose what content to filter  and what content you should allow. You get to Choose what is good for your kids and what’s not. The account administrator is responsible for adding users as well.

As a guardian:

  • You set a time or day to block a site from a user.
  • Understand overrides: This is filter “override” rights. It’s helpful for adults who use the Filter to prevent certain content from randomly popping up, but who also don’t want to have to contact the accountability partner every time they want to view a specific page.
  • “Allow list” only. This is when you don’t see a need to have a “block list”. Guardian/accountability partners ensure all sites are blocked except the ones on the “allow list”.
  • Add websites to the user’s allow and block list. The difference between this task and the one above is that this task will involve you having a “blocked list” and an “allow list”. The one above requires you to only have an “allow list” while the rest is automatically blocked.

Questions Frequently asked:

How do I prevent an accountability user from uninstalling Covenant eyes from his Gadget?
As the account administrator, you are issued with an uninstall code that notifies you when/if someone uninstalled it. Only you can uninstall it use the code.

As an accountability user how do I help my accountability partner?

Make your goals and expectations clear. Tell them about any sites they should block, Keep communicating open and frequent. Approach your partner anytime when you feel tempted and take charge of situations

As a parent, how do I hold my kids accountable?

Explain why covenant eyes is important for them. Let them know that you’re not using it to keep them in check but that it’s for their own good and they ultimately need it. While you’re at it, explain the dangers of the internet to them.

Talk with your kids about their accountability reports.

Keep checking exactly what it is that they’re engaging in. Use the reports to visit the sites they’re visiting. This does not make you a stalker 🙂 but it helps you have a meaningful conversation with them. So that it doesn’t feel like you’re spying on them, explain the importance of Covenant eyes to them and at end they will be the ones asking to see the reports with you. Lastly, be an example to them.

Tips for Accountability Partners on holding friends accountable

Have some time to walk your friend through the accountability report. Praise them when they’re doing well and encourage them during tough times. Ensure you get more details on any red flags you noticed on the reports.

Partners can adjust how often they want to get accountability reports.

Does Covenant eyes generate reports if my browser is on private browsing?

Yes they can still generate the reports. However, Covenant eyes does not read your e-mails or see your banking information. Your private information stays private.

Monthly Subscription (Covenant eyes offers a 30-day money back guarantee in the event that you’re not satisfied with their program)

For family account, it’s free to add any additional user but for personal account, the first Accountability User is $11.99/mo., and each additional Accountability User is $2.

Kindly click on the banner below if you feel that your family or a friend would benefit from this program.

The best solution to pornography is stopping it before it starts. Feel free to download ““Parenting the Internet generation” and “Your Brain on Porn” free E-book. It gives you more insight on having meaningful/honest conversations about the dangers found in the internet world with your children.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave them below and I’ll get right back to you 🙂

Have a great Porn free day 🙂

Bringing joy to peoples' lives gives me great pleasure. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below or send me an email at esther@marriagestore.org and I will get back to you :-)

9 thoughts on “How to Protect your family from internet dangers – Covenant Eyes”

  1. WOW… This is very informative and a useful article for parents. This will help children during their school project work that needs the internet. With the aim of selecting and making the best innovative and creative projects in class, they have to surf the internet to achieve it, as book knowledge is not sufficient for it. With this, we can secure our worrying thoughts for them as to what they are surfing.

    1. Thanks for bringing up a few ways that kids use the internet Huzefa. School work is of benefit for the children’s knowledge based growth. And once you have covenant eyes then you can relax more and let them do their school projects; and know that they will get everything they need for the project.

  2. I like the idea of this. Well mostly. Part of me would feel guilty about installing this on my kids laptops. It seems like spying. But then I am aware of the dangers that are out there on the Internet.

    I think as long as I explain why covenant eyes is important and let them know that I’m not using it to spy on them and explain it’s for their own good they will understand.

    1. Thanks Nick. Once you know in your heart that what you’re doing is going to benefit your child’s future, then no guilt will come over you. And you’re right about talking to your kids about the dangers of the internet. Make them their own watchdog. How beautiful would it be for your child to come to you and say. “Dad, I think need your help with keeping me safe from the internet, how can we do that?”

  3. That is awesome information for a family. As benign as we think porn is, it gives the wrong idea to young men and women. I know I am lucky enough NOT to have had the internet as a child. Thank you for this information that looks user friendly.

    1. Thanks for this Thomas. I also didn’t have internet as a child but I have it now. So basically everyone needs to be on the lookout for what kind of sites they visit. Some sites only degrade women and men, they objectify them. Mostly it’s women who suffer more. So every time we visit such sites, our respect for the opposite sex dwindles. That’s not what we were created for.

  4. This is a must read article for every parent. Like you said every parent loves to provide anything good for their children.
    PORNOGRAPHY is spoiling the mindset of the growing youths.

    Covenant Eye will play a big role in getting rid of this malice.
    I encourage everyone to give serious thought in it and follow accordingly to making your home a Free Porn Zone.

    Save sons, save daughters.
    Best of luck

  5. It was good post and useful, which can be used in anyone’s life. Life is full of negative vibrating surroundings in terms of ill social and media segment contributions in young generation’s life. This will be a good way to stop or prevent any youngster from getting exposed to adult content. It’s also really good for the older men who find themselves addicted to pornography. Thank you for sharing this Esther.

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